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Our products

Company flags, country flags, and beachflags

As a flag manufacturer, we will design a flag according to your need. Are you planning a promotional campaign on a large scale? Then you might want to use beach flags which will advertise your company to potential future customers while subtly waving in the wind. We also deliver flags to the most ceremonial state events attended by the elite of our country. An elegant ceremony will certainly gain a representative character with a country flag waving in the background.


Regardless of the occasion, you can find solid and exceptionally aesthetic flags in our offer. To design the perfect flag for you, we will need to receive a logo or a graphic design that you wish to place on the material. We prepare our flags with the highest care for the details.


Design guidelines


We are happy to design the whole flag for you with our graphic team. However, if you already have the exact graphic design you wish to have on your flag, please submit it to us in a PDF or TIFF with LZW compression (without layers). In the submitted design please change the fonts to curves, so that we can make sure all of the letters are visible. The files should have the same size as the chosen option of the flag. Please do not add bleeds, as our machines are very precise and the process of printing is different from standard paper printing. We will do our best to have the graphic perfectly placed on the material.


We print our company materials using the CMYK color space. Please follow the same guidelines while preparing the design.


Your flag is ready – what’s next?


Our company will also provide you with a flagpole. On this website, you will find all of our solutions suitable for different flag sizes. Please contact us and we will help you make the best choice.


The proper assembly of your flag is our responsibility. The specialists in our company will ensure a stable construction and instruct you on how to raise and lower the flag in the case of difficult weather conditions.


Why is our company the best choice?


We approach every order individually: in consultation with your company, we will choose the right flag material and the best flagpole. Depending on the material and its size, we will decide on a suitable print. Additionally, in case of any problems, we will provide you with servicing support.


Contact us and take care of your company’s marketing with LOGO!


Let your company be more visible. In our offer, you will find promotional flags which will gain you more customers. Having them is a real prestige, which will be appreciated not only by your customers but your business partners as well.

– representative flags in front of a company’s headquarters

– for mass promotional campaigns

– short-term production

– zero limits on the graphic design


These flags make any occasion feel special. Among our projects, you will find country and city flags which are essential to any serious state ceremonies. Public institutions are more than welcome to use our services.

– flags in any sizes

– printed, sewn, and embroidered

– horizontal, vertical, and banners

– trimmed according to the flag type


Dynamic and fast, they are associated with hot beaches. In our offer, you will also find beachflags which are perfect for any sports events or fairs. They attract attention, especially when placed in front of stores and restaurants.

— dynamic, portable, and cheap advertising medium

— essential to any events, sporting events, and fairs

— they attract attention in front of stores and restaurants

— versatile thanks to the variety of stands


Beach flags from 6 to 8 meters high with pneumatic flagpoles. Excellent, dynamic effect: with an 8 meters flagpole, the flag has over 6 meters. A vast variety of stands, high standard of workmanship, and European production.



Double-sided flags are visible from both sides. Aside from traditional flags which have a mirror image on their reverse, we can also design a flag with different graphic designs on both of its sides. We make them using 3 different methods. Once we find out what kind of flag you need, we will choose the right technique.



We offer a wide array of flag materials. Fabrics which are durable, safe, and resistant to bad weather conditions guarantee success. Thanks to them, your logo and your flag colours will be visible from afar. Within our services, your design can be printed on the following materials:

■ 100% polyester is the most popular in flags

■ 100% mesh polyester is very durable and looks great in the wind

■ 100% satin polyester is shiny and elegant, perfect for places of representation

Durable fabrics will last you a long time. Whether you want to market your company with beach flags, or you want to give your company’s headquarters an exceptionally presentable appearance: our various polyester-based materials will achieve the best effects!

100 % POLYESTER 130 g/m2

130 g/m2 fabric

  • an optimal ratio strength-to-weight ratio
  • three-thread
  • self-blocking weave
  • the most common flag material in the world

100 % MESH POLYESTER 115 g/m2

115 g/m2 fabric

  • the most technologically advanced fabric
  • waving in a spectacular manner
  • has the biggest color surface
  • highly durable


110 g/m2 fabric

  • smooth weave
  • glossy surface
  • perfect for representative country flags and for office flagpoles


100 % POLYESTER 150 g/m2

150 g/m2 fabric

  • three-thread
  • used in most durable flags
  • because of the advanced screen printing technique, can be produced only from an order of at least 20 flags


Regardless of the size, choose a flag that will suit you best! The flags we offer come in every size, from very small to very large – they can embellish the area in front of shops, companies’ headquarters, state offices, or memorial sites.


If there is already an existing flagpole in the designated area, our diagram can show which flag size will be ideal with the height of the flagpole. This also depends on the flag’s orientation: whether it’s horizontal or vertical.


If the flagpole is yet to be put up – the decision is yours! The sizes can be then freely selected. If you have any doubts about what size to choose, contact us and our team will help you make the right decision.



How do we look after the right finishing of our products? We make every effort to make our prints and fabrics the highest quality so that the ready product looks great and, at the same time, is resistant to different weather conditions.

A finish is equally important to us as prints and materials. A proper finish allows the flag to be easily removed, put on, or lowered. We finish our flags with utmost precision. We offer solutions such as snap hooks, snap hooks with a sleeve, and a sleeve with eyelets. These are selected according to the flagpole type and personal preferences.


For STANDARD and INTERNAL flagpoles.






How do manage to create such clear and durable graphics seen even from afar? And how do we create colourful and lasting logotypes or office flags ready for any weather condition?

At Logo, we make sure that every product that reaches our customers will fulfill its function for many years. For this reason, we rely on two methods of printing: screen and digital. These technologies allow for best effects which bring intensity in colour but resistance and durability as well.

What distinguishes these two ways of printing? Both create products of highest quality and the main difference is cost effectiveness. Digital printing is used for small orders and screen-printing is best for large quantities.

All of our LOGO flag solutions make hiqh quality products – try them yourself!


Cost-effective when ordering large quantities of flags.

— efficient machines printing from a roll

— maximum format: 600 x 200 cm, up to 12 colours

— computerized pigment dosing guarantee consistency with the Pantone and RAL colour palettes

— after printing, the pigments are fixed at high temperatures and then washed

— flags achieve clear colours and are permeable to wind


Ideal for small orders.

— digital print allows for quick flag production of small quantities

— printing machines of latest generation give unmatched quality

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