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LOGOFLAGI: Flags and flagpoles -

Welcome to our website. LOGO is a flag manufacturer and a flagpole supplier based in Warsaw. We produce durable flags and beachflags. We deliver and assemble flags across the country. In Warsaw, we offer 48h servicing of flags and flagpoles.

We rent flags and flagpoles for events and fairs. Our flags, flagpoles, and professional services are valued by developers, offices, construction companies, and shopping malls. We offer discounts to advertising agencies.

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They are hung in front of company headquarters or used for mass promotional campaigns. The flags we have on offer are used by both private and public institutions. We can prepare one for you with reflective elements so that you can see them even at night!


You might have seen them on beaches you visit during the hot summer holidays. Beachflags are an excellent idea for promoting all kinds of companies. They are great in front of their premises or during events and parties. With them, you are sure to gain many customers.

StarX pneumatic flags

Innovative mobile pneumatic flagpoles. Integrated flagpole with a flag. The most dynamic form of flag-mast advertising. Ideal for events, concerts, trade fairs, and open days.


A traditional, durable, and representative form of flag display. The type and version are adapted to the location and to the type and size of a flag.
Assembly throughout the country. 10-year guarantee.

Portable flagpoles

Flagpoles for the periodic display of flags. The range includes dynamic and popular beachflags, telescopic and giant flagpoles, as well as tall, traditional flagpoles on portable bases.

Flag stands

The most representative of the flagpoles with bases for indoor use. An excellent backdrop for press conferences and briefings. The standard of the flagpoles and bases adapted to the interior and occasion. Gloss satin flags.

Rental of flagpoles and beachflags

We offer a flagpole rental service for special events throughout the country. We offer a complete service: flagpole installation and hanging the flag at the designated location on the day the event starts and dismantling afterward.

48H Flagpole service

Flagpoles, even when regularly serviced, sometimes require immediate intervention.
We offer a 48-hour service in Warsaw and the surrounding area, where we guarantee intervention on flagpoles within two working days.

Illumination of flagpoles and flags

On an annual basis, approximately 50% of the day is daytime (for Warsaw 51%). Why are our flags visible for such a short time? How about illuminating them? Choose the right solution for your flagpoles and flags.



We have been gaining experience in manufacturing flags and flagpoles for many years. This experience, together with our highly qualified employees and most advanced technology, including stunning progress in digital printing techniques, have contributed to the good reputation we enjoy. As the biggest flags and flagpoles specialist in Warsaw, we offer our customers solutions relevant to their needs and locations. The many projects we held in the whole country, especially in Warsaw and its surroundings, are a testament to the attractiveness of our offer. We ensure our help is professional and deadlines are always met. We provide a warranty of 10 years on poles, as well as servicing of flags and flagpoles in the Warsaw agglomeration within 48 hours.




Are you still thinking about whether to use our services? Have a look at our previous projects done for many companies and state institutions, such as municipal offices. We offer flags, flagpoles, beach flags, and many other possibilities so that anyone can see the logo of your company waving in the wind.

Are you planning a concert? An important state ceremony? Please see our photo gallery to find the many flags, flagpoles, beach flags, and other solutions we produced for our clients. We helped on almost all possible occasions. Many clients who have trusted us appreciated both the solid workmanship and the aesthetic appeal of our flags.

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