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National, sewn and printed flags.


National flags are the most traditional of flags. Many offices have flagpoles with national flags installed. No national holiday is complete without a row of flags on lamp posts along the main streets of cities. Both private houses and public buildings will have national flags draped over them on such a day. National flags not only appear on their own but also perfectly complement company flags on their flagpoles. They are a permanent feature of the landscape not only during national holidays.

We cannot imagine the sight of the European Parliament without a row of flagpoles. They are hoisted in front of government offices, military units, and embassies, and many companies also hoist their national flag permanently in front of their headquarters.

National flags are generally made horizontally, although most of them also have a vertical version.




Flag fabrics

For the production of state flags, we use durable flag fabrics adapted to the type of flag. As a rule, this is polyester of various weaves and weights.

From the classic flag fabric, through the very strong spun polyester for nautical and sewn flags to the attractive shiny polyester often used for official flags. For flags for indoor flagpoles, we use a textile multi-layered and slightly glossy material that looks great on photographs and film.

No less important than the fabric are the threads. We know which to use so that the flags last a long time.

100% 3-thread polyester 130 g/sqm

The most popular flag fabric. The self-blocking weave prevents the flag from tearing with minor damage.

100% Mesh polyester 115 g/sqm

A lightweight high-tech fabric with a plain weave. Developed specifically for use on flags.

100% Satin polyester

Flag fabric with an attractive, glossy appearance. Often ordered for national flags. Looks great on indoor flagpoles.

Spun polyester 155 gr/sqm

A super-strong fabric used for nautical flags and stitched national flags. Raw classic fabric texture for flags with character.

We make solid flags

Flag printing is the process of dyeing polyester fibres. The aim is to achieve permanent colour without closing the meshes of the fabric – without losing the flag’s airiness. A flag made this way is more durable and the planes of colour are slightly highlighted, giving a natural glowing effect.

Most often we print flags digitally – it’s fast, cheap and doesn’t limit us as to the number of colours. With large orders and a small number of colours we use screen printing. Flags printed this way are distinguished by an excellent colour plane and high efficiency.

For demanding customers, we make sewn flags. They have a natural, unique character and extraordinary durability. A favourite among Scandinavian customers.

National flags are usually made in this way, but sometimes also corporate flags, as long as the logo and content of the flag allow it to be made from die-cut fabric.

The fabric for stitched flags is mostly 190 gr. spun polyester.



Screen printing

Digital printing

Flag sewing

Flag design

We make national flags according to current knowledge of proportions and colours. Our knowledge of flag protocol and general flag design principles allows us to advise the client on how the flags should be hung, or how the national flag should look vertically. Sometimes, if requested by the client, national flags are made in an unusual way, for example we place two or more national flags on one sheet of fabric.

Flag sizes

The dimension of the flags can basically be anything, we are only limited by the width of the material, as long as the flag is to be made in one piece. If we sew the material together, the dimension of the flag can be basically any.

Typical flag dimensions:

Horizontal flag: 70 x 110, 100 x 150, 125 x 200, 150 x 240 cm

Vertical flag: 120 x 350 cm, 150 x 400, 150 x 500 cm


Wymiary flag

Flag trimming

We do our best to ensure that flags remain in good condition on the flagpoles for as long as possible. Durable stitching and the right materials give flags a long life. We are familiar with the finishing standards of flags and make custom hems.


Tunel + karabinczyki

Tunel + oczka

How to prolong a flag's life

We do what we can to make flags as durable as possible, but our customers can do something for their flags too.

  • Leave the flag on the flagpole only for the duration of its display – if it is no longer needed, remove it.
  • Windstorms damage flags – let’s remove them in high winds.
  • Flags can be washed – heavily soiled flags will deteriorate more quickly.
  • Repair damage to flags – we will repair them free of charge as long as no more than 6 months have passed since their purchase, they arrive washed and the damage is assessed as repairable.

How to wash flags

Flags should be washed often. In the washing machine, in common liquids and powders, at temperatures up to 60 °C.